• Singing
  • Pets
  • Design Lights & Shoes
  • Nature

At a very young age Rajan discovered his passion and talent for music and singing. He performed at many school & college events. He also went onto to sing on radio and TV. He has performed on several stage shows and inter college competitions and has won many awards in singing. He has an exceptionally powerful voice.

Rajan also has love and compassion for animals & birds. He had a lot of pets like birds, monkey, cats, pigeons & dogs. At present each unit of GPL group has well trained dogs. He makes sure that they are looked after with proper care, raised and trained in a proper manner.

As a creative person, Rajan has passion for leather and leather products. Shoes & belts obviously take priority. His shoe collection is spread over 40 years & he still proudly wear's a shoe which he got made in the 70's. He gets involved in designing & selection of the materials. He is very particular about the up keep and maintanance of his collection.

Rajan himself has designed lights as well as electrical products for which we have 20 patents.

(Lamp holders, cable blockers).

Following his interest for nature and environment he is closely working with Corbett National Park to improve facilities. He has upgraded the boarding facilities and had also been producing a calendar of the park for several years. He is also actively involved in conservation of bird life sanctuary at Delhi Golf club.